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442I was driving one evening and spotted an old unrestored looking 1970 Oldsmobile 442 sitting in someone’s back yard. I made a U-turn and went to the house to speak to the owner about it. There wasn’t a for sale sign on it, but I wondered why someone would let a car like that just rot away. The owner said the car had not been driven in 15 years, and hadn’t been started in 5 years. I asked him if he’d be interested in selling it and he told me he’d take $1,500 for the car. He and I walked out to the back yard, so I could further inspect the car and as soon as I saw it up close, I could instantly tell it was a true 100 percent complete 1970 442. The car looked like it had been sitting for 15 years, but it had a very straight, unwrecked body. I took the battery off of my H/O that I was driving that day and put it on the 442. I also noticed this 442 had the correct “F” heads on the 455. The guy got in it and turned the key while I gave it some gas on the carb, and it fired right up after 5 years of not being started! I promised the guy I would write an article about the car and let everyone know it is for sale.