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112_0509_archive_01l1970_oldsmobile_vista_cruiser_wagontop The idea behind muscle wagons like the Magnum SRT8 and E55 AMG isn’t new. During the late 1960s and early 1970s, most American manufacturers offered the biggest big-block–or something close–in wagon form. Oldsmobile had it going on back then: You could buy the Vista Cruiser with a variety of 400- and 455-cubic-inch V-8s, a performance-tuned suspension, even a fiberglass hood with integral hood pins. The net effect was a 442 for the whole family.

Olds provided pace cars for the Indianapolis 500 in 1970 and 1972. While the real pacer for the 1970 race was a 442 convertible and the 1972 a Hurst/Olds model, there were a few wagons badged up as support vehicles, although this 1970 example was devoid of the go-fast components. GM was best at this; you could also get a 454 in a Chevy wagon and a 455 in a Buick. The Mopar folks offered several wagons with 440s, although, sad to say, no Hemis. Fords and Mercurys could be had with 429s, not of the Boss variety, however.